What is Double-knit
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What is Reversible Double-knit

Reversible double-knit is a way of knitting an Afghan or garment, so that both sides are the right side of the piece, but the image is reversed from each other.  It is most often done in a stockinet stitch, but I have been able to convert some other stitches to work, the cable stitch, moss stitch, basketweave, the bobble, and some open work.  If you can knit and purl, then you can double-knit. If you know how to do some of the pattern stitches, and understand how to use a cable needle, then you will be able to do the more difficult pattern stitch ones.

Most often it is worked in two colors throughout, but I love color, so I devised ways of adding color to the pieces using changes of yarn in stripes, top embroidery, and appliqués.  You will be using circular needles, and from two to thirty eight colors.  You need to understand that you are knitting two Afghans at once, back to back, on the same needle at the same time.  It may sound confusing, but once you get into it you will see how easy it is.

I used to crochet Afghans exclusively, and then I saw a pattern for a blue and white double-knit Afghan, and I tried it and loved it. All I knew at the time was how to cast on and off, and how to knit and purl.  As I said before that was all I needed to know.  I fell in love with double-knit, and started designing my own patterns.  Now all I do is double-knit. I no longer crochet, except for the edges of the Afghans. 

After I had designed and knitted a couple of Afghans, I realized, that I really loved to design them.  My son gave me a program for my computer (Pattern Maker for Cross Stitch, by Hobby Ware), which made designing a lot easier than working it out on graph paper the way I did with the first two.  I took off.  Now I design a lot faster than I knit.

On the website you will find  dozens of patterns.  You will have the options of choosing which ones you want, whether you need written instructions or not, and will be able to order them.