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Do you love to knit?  Is your knitting bag right next to your easy chair?  Have you ever tried Reversible Double-knit?  It's very easy.  If you can knit, and purl, you can double-knit, and it is so much fun.

I fell in love with reversible double-knit yeas ago, and Have designed dozens of afghans, and sweater, and several hats, and lately a few doll layette patterns.  I had the afghans in a book format, but I have re-thought that, and am offering them in individual patterns now.   It seems more convenient to be able to pick and choose which ones you may want, instead of having to buy patterns you don't want that were bundled in the book.   I have even separated the instructions, so that if you already know how to do reversible double-knit, you can just buy the charts.  I have just lately managed to find the time to get the sweater and hats, and doll clothes patterns written and on the site.

The charts come in full color, and for each side.  They are printed on 4 sheets of paper, and you will need to tape them together yourself.  It makes it easier to mail this way.  You can chose to order line by line written instructions , with the finishing instructions for each pattern, or just the chart.

You will be able to look at charts and pictures of the afghans I have completed so far, and charts of the others.

I tend to design faster than I knit, so some of the designs are not knitted up yet.  I have checked and double checked the ones that I haven't knitted yet, so I feel fairly confident that they will work up alright.  If you order an untested one, and have problems, please let me know.


I also have designed, out of necessity, a cover for the afghans while I am working on them.  It buttons right through the afghan, without hurting anything, and adjusts to the growing length of it.  It is lightweight, but keeps the afghan nicely clean.
Here it is in the bag, with just one side buttoned. Close up of that side.

As you can see, you adjust the bottom by scrunching up the edge, and tying it up with ribbons through adjusting holes.

After getting the one side buttoned evenly across, you then button through the button holes on the other side of the cover.  As you can see in the last picture, it leaves you covered up to the row you are working on, and doesn't interfere with the knitting at all. You can move it up any time you want. There are three rows of adjusting holes to change the length of the bag.

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